All prices are quoted according to distance from Gower (SA3 1NZ)

Behaviour First Aid Zoom or Phone Calls


Behavioural Consultation

A 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hour consultation either virtually by Zoom, or at your home or yard, to fully assess your horse’s or dog's behaviour, create a behaviour plan and instruct you in implementing it. Before the consultation I will review any video footage of your animal and their behaviour as well as any written material you want me to read beforehand and your vet referral documents.  Afterwards I will write up your action plan and email is to you in addition to your 6 week long remote support via email, text and/or WhatsApp! This package can be extended at a cost of £20.00 per month. Additional support is available in the form of virtual coaching via Zoom (£25.00 per hour long session) or by visits in person (see follow up visits below). 

Within 30 miles

30- 70 miles



70-100 miles

Online Price



1-2-1 Training and Follow-Up Visits

These are available in both virtual and in-person formats and are priced by the hour. The first hour is published below. Appointments  extending over the hour are charged at £15.00 for each subsequent half hour. 

Within 30 miles

30- 70 miles



70- 150 miles

Online Price



Local Animal Training

I train your animal at your home/ yard. 45 minute sessions. Gower area only £25.00


Mentoring for trainee clinical animal behaviourists and animal trainers: First session £35.00 for the first hour, £25.00 per hour for subsequent hours

Follow up by email, text and WhatsApp

Unlimited emails, texts and WhatsApp per month to help you help your animal. 

One month £20.00

On a budget?

Please get in touch and we can negotiate a solution that helps you and your animal

Jenni Nellist Clinical Animal Behaviourist

Jenni: 07974 569407

1 Orchard Close, Port Eynon, Swansea, SA3 1NZ

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