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Jenni Nellist Animal Behaviourist, Equine / Horse and Dog Behaviourist South Wales Talks and Workshops

Learn with Jenni

I am available as a public speaker and to give demonstrations. Please drop me a line.

Yard Visits and Equestrian Clubs 

The ultimate horsey gathering. Get your club or yard together and learn more about horse psychology through fully interactive activities: including learning to assess your horses’ personalities; investigate equine social behaviour; discover more about how horses learn; learn about what stress is and how to combat bad stress in your horses’ lives; understanding equine attitudes, behaviour and emotions at competitions and event. These can be morning, afternoon or evening sessions, one topic session. These events can be tailored to suit your requirements. 

£10 per person, minimum 6 people plus travel costs (45p per mile from SA3 1AY – one way).  

The Veterinary Team and Paraprofessionals 

Your patient is the biggest risk to your safety.

The most effective risk management is to learn how to read equine behaviour well, especially the subtleties. This is where I excel. I provide training to improve your equine handling and ultimately your safety.  I love to teach others how to read the signs. I also love to teach effective low stress handling skills and simple behaviour modification you can apply on the yard and in the hospital. 


I also provide training events for your clients help their horses. I contributed a chapter to Equine Behaviour In Mind, edited by Suzanne Rogers and published by 5m, I’ve presented at London Vet Show 2018  on equine social behaviour and its impacts on their management and welfare and at the BVNA Congress in 2014.


In 2017 I wrote about the effects of stress on horses for the Veterinary Nurse:  “Let’s Talk About Stress”.  In 2019 I wrote about "Equine Behavioural First Aid". In 2021 published in the UK Vet Equine: "Potential effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on horse behaviour in the UK between March and October 2020" and "Equine behavioural first aid and combatting stress in equines".

Please contact me to discuss your requirements

Welfare Organisations 

The complete package from rescue/intake through rehabilitation to rehoming. I offer staff, volunteer and new owner/loaner training in the behavioural assessment of the new/pending intake, careful creation and implementation of training programs, particularly traumatised equines, finally and most importantly, training and support packages for the new owner/loaner of the rescue horse. Please contact me to discuss your requirements. 

Feral Pony Training 

The ultimate horse training experience. I run courses carefully designed for people who:  

  • Already have knowledge of horse behaviour and training and who wish to hone their skills 

  • Are involved in conservation grazing and want to learn how to apply low stress training for husbandry and veterinary procedures 

  • Work or volunteer in equine welfare organisations who encounter feral ponies and want to learn how to apply low stress training for husbandry and veterinary procedures, as well as increase their ponies rehoming opportunities 

  • Are new to training and want to learn how to read horses better as well as learn how to apply low stress training techniques 

All training is with feral ponies on conservation sites on Gower, South Wales. Please contact me for more information.

Training for students, trainers and behaviourists 

Serious about your equine behaviour career?

Looking for equine practical supervision opportunities?

I offer training privately or in small groups to students, trainers and behaviourists, providing a safe space to practice and improve equine handling, training and clinical behaviour skills. Please contact me to discuss your requirements. 

Once the Covid situation calms down I will be hosting a monthly equine behaviour clinic at Lluest Horse and Pony Trust, Beili Bedw Farm, Llanddeusant, Llangadog, Carms, SA19 9TG
This behaviour clinic is specifically for Lluest Horse and Pony Trust and external candidates looking for professional supervision towards becoming a clinical animal behaviourist. You will have the opportunity to observe one or two cases presented by Lluest, to taking a case under supervision (dependent on candidate readiness), additional practical handling and training skills, and a one-to-one debrief over the phone later to reflect on your understanding of each case seen.

Please bring your own lunch, robust footwear, riding helmet* and gloves, and waterproof clothing
*you won't be expected to ride but appropriate safety equipment including a helmet is required for all horse handling.

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