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Jenni Nellist Animal Behaviourist, Equine / Horse and Dog Behaviourist South Wales Sports Horse Behaviour

Sports Horse Behaviour

FEI Article 401: Object and General Principles of Dressage 

… “development of the horse into a happy athlete...” 


Happiness: Positive Mental Attitude. Horses that are focused, cooperative and motivated. 


This isn't a fleeting moment, it's a way of being over a much longer time span. It derives from the horse's temperament and normal mood state. Temperament is largely inherited and is affected by the horse's environment and lifestyle. Mood is affected by the type and frequency of the horse's daily emotional experiences. All have a significant effect on performance. When you know how, you can influence those effects and harness them for greater performance. 


Performance horse assessments include my sharing knowledge about how your horse's environment, lifestyle and training is affecting their performance and why. I'll help you identify where there are positive effects already and show you how you can turn negative effects around. The accumulative effects of all of these, usually small things, sum up to be greater than their parts – the power of marginal gains. 



A performance assessment normally takes two hours and a performance plan and diary is included. Follow up sessions are available to make sure you keep on track. I can also do day long workshops for teams. 

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