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Equine Behaviour Consultation

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This questionnaire is designed to provide me with information about all aspects of your equine’s life prior to more in-depth analysis during the initial behavioural assessment consultation. It will take you around 30 to 40 minutes to complete and by doing so you will be providing me with a wealth of useful information and an important initial insight to your equine’s mind and behaviour. Please note you cannot save the questionnaire and will need to fill it in in one sitting. Once you have completed and submitted the questionnaire you will be can make the payment for your appointment. Payment secures your appointment.


Privacy notice:

Your personal data is being collected and used for the purpose of assessing your equine’s behaviour and will not be used for any other purpose without prior permission. You can request that your data be returned to you and/or destroyed. Such requests must be received in writing to jenni@jenninellist.co.uk or verbally 07974 569407 and they will be fulfilled within 30 days.


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Training Sessions x 2


Jenni Nellist Clinical Animal Behaviourist

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