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Moving Yards... Part Two

So the plan went a little off piste… But not by much.

The aim of the operation was to avoid winding up Penny and Bronwen any more than could be reasonably helped. For their sakes, as well as ours since we needed a smooth operation on the loading and delivery front to allow Bro-in-law away on time for nephew’s sporting events.

I got to the yard before the trailer arrived to deliver Bronwen’s dose of ConfidenceEQ, and got a nice snap of the herd in relaxed contentment:

I then went to help get the trailer, which we got parked in position on the yard before bringing the girls in as usual for their very limited short feed on the yard. That meant they got to have a look at the trailer while occupied in normal activity, allowing a little breather before attempting to load.

Bronwen was first on, and that was calmer and quicker than any other time, so a PB for her! I think the pheromone helped quite nicely along with being patient and some good old wither rubs for every try.

Penny twigged that since Bronwen was on board, this was not a training session, so became tense and needed a little time before she decided she could walk in. Perhaps she should have had the ConfidenceEQ too? But then we were away:

I had a few more things to pack, but I caught up with them halfway to the new field. I was really happy to see some reassuring, friendly behaviour between them – Penny touching Bron’s nose at frequent intervals, which she also did when first loaded. Ten minutes later they arrived in the new field where we parked up and let them loose to explore!

It was really interesting to watch them exploring according to their individual needs and tastes. Penny, the seasoned mover, did as she always does, seek out the most delicious grass! Bronwen is a far more sociable creature and called frequently, to locate the other horses in the neighbourhood, and of course to attempt to inform the rest of the herd back on North Gower of her whereabouts.

The girls’ new human neighbours came out to meet them too, and as we left to take the trailer back they were getting to know each other over some carrots.

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